FADS Houston Advocates the Benefits of Dance on ABC

 Houston Memorial FADS Showcased by ABC News on September 25
~ by Nancy Lapierre
The gazillions of Dancing with the Stars viewers in the Houston, Texas, area recently received an extra-special dancing treat on Tuesday, September 25, 2012! The BEST Ballroom Dance Studios – Fred Astaire Dance Studios, of course! — were proudly represented by the Houston Memorial studio on the local ABC newscast following the premiere episode of the Dancing with the Stars results show.


Mr. Pahjmon Lipsey, Texas Area Developer, welcomed ABC News anchor, Sharron Melton, and a host of cameras to the beautiful Houston Memorial Fred Astaire Dance Studio.  There, Ms. Melton experienced for herself the reason why ballroom dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is so hip and popular with Houstonians of all ages.
FADS Houston Franchisee, Mr. Philip Gutierrez, also interviewed in the show, is shown twirling the anchor around the ballroom floor packed with fabulous dancers from all 9 Houston Fred Astaire Dance Studios.
Though the piece highlights the trendiness and mass appeal of ballroom dance, it (thankfully) also addresses what we in the dance business have been saying all along:  ballroom offers opportunities for people to connect at meaningful levels, for couples to rekindle the spark in their marriages, for learning something new and fun, for improving posture, balance and poise, and for experiencing higher levels of confidence than ever before.
Beyond the exposure afforded by popular TV shows, the ‘celebrity service’ everyone receives, as well as the many incredible health and social benefits dancing offers, are why people are flocking to Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  Not only in Houston, but also all over the country and even overseas, the “Dance Revolution” that Fred Astaire himself brought to the world continues at each studio bearing his name — and it’s definitely here to stay!

Click here to enjoy the ABC news clip.

Many thanks to Suzanne Carter, the Texas Regional Manager, for providing the information in this article!