Fitness Classes at FADS Morristown

Whether you want to shake and shimmy the pounds away with Belly Dance or kick your way to a leaner body with Turbo Kick, Fred Astaire Dance studio of Morristown, NJ has something for you in its Fitness Program!

Saturday 9:30am

Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) is the most commonly known and practiced in the west. It consists of asanas (poses) which focus on controlled movement, concentration and conscious breathing (pranayama), meditation and relaxation. Yoga postures can be basic or complex, easy or challenging. The movements are slow and controlled, but dynamic, thus giving an invigorating workout for the mind, body, and internal organs.

Belly Dancing
Tuesday 9:15pm

 Belly dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise and is thus suitable for all ages, and is a good exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis in older people. Many of the moves involve isolations, which improve flexibility of the torso.  The legs and long muscles of the back are strengthened by hip movements.

Bell Dance Class

Wednesday 9:15pm

Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they’re getting fit and their energy levels are soaring! There’s no other fitness class like a Zumba Fitness-Party.

Monday 9pm

This group exercise class combines the sexiness of dance, the hip feel of funk with the power and strength of kickboxing.  Work your abs and other muscles in  this total body workout!  It marries Tae Kwon Do, dance and aerobics.

Turbo Kick fitness program

Thursday 11am

This class combines strength training, core conditioning, and dynamic movement in an up-tempo, non-spiritual environment.

Drop in rates and discounted packages available. Fitness class schedule is subject to change.  Please call ahead if you plan to attend!