Get to know Anthony!

If you’ve been coming in regularly for your lessons and classes, you’ve probably noticed a new face around the studio!  You may have even shared a dance or two at a recent Practice Session or Social.  That new individual is Anthony Soto, and he is a new member of our Fred Astaire family!  Anthony joined our staff just several weeks ago after moving to NJ from Texas!

Anthony dance
We wanted our students to have a quick & easy time getting to know Anthony (or Tony, as he likes to be called!) better, so we asked him a few questions!  Check it out:

Name: Anthony Soto

From: Brownsville, TX

Hometown: Matamoros, MX

Dance Goal: Competing as a Professional and someday opening his own studio

Hobbies: Hiking, Birding, fishing, photography

Favorite Dance Movie: F.A.M.E.

Key Personal Dance Belief: “Everyone is a dancer.  it just takes fi9nding the right teacher willing to work with his/her abilities and body style”

I love being a dance instructor because: I have the opportunity to chance a person’s life for the better

Favorite Dance Tip: Dancers aren’t born, they are taught!

Anthony quote

You can also read more about Tony’s dance experience on our staff biography page!

Gigi & Anthony'

Be sure to say hello & wish Tony a warm welcome when you see him around the studio!