5 Reasons Why Dance Lessons Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts!

Need help picking out the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner & chances are you’re still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts.  Time to show appreciation for the amazing wife, mother or sister in your life! Still seeking a great gift for your mom that’s as special as she is? Here are 5 reasons why you should show your love & celebrate mom by giving her the gift of dance!

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Here are 5 Reasons why Dance Lessons Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts!

  1. Being a mom can be stressful.  Yes, even Moms need a mental health break once in a while!  If mom is still taking care of young children, chances are your mom could use a little stress relief.  Dancing is the way to relax & unwind — likely foreign concepts to most busy moms! Because of it’s physical, creative nature, dancing is a wonderfyl way to beat stress.  It’s impossible to worry while you’re dancing!
  2. Mom can’t remember her last date night.  Chances are it’s been a while since mom has spent quality time outside of the house with dad. Perhaps mom wishes she could dress up & go out for a date night or fun night out on the town!  Our students love dressing up for our weekly socials, and many of our coupled dancers plan post-lesson dinners to turn their outing into a true date night.  Dancing together is also a great way for couples to maintain a healthy relationship!mother's day gifts
  3. There is no “off” switch when you’re a mom.   Private instruction offers mom a break from family duties so she can enjoy some “ME” time where it’s all about her!  Moms are often so busy taking care of her family’s needs that they rarely get down time for self-care. Instead of pushing her needs aside, urge mom to indulge in a lesson that is therapy for body & soul.
  4. Mom could use a burst of endorphins.  Endorphins surge when partaking in physical activities, like dancing.  That means mom can feel great AND get some exercise! The workout dance offers is a great side-effect of dancing — much more enjoyable than running in place at the gym! Help a new mom to get back in shape after baby comes, or keep recently-retired moms active to maintain flexibility.  Not only does the dance floor workout leave you feeling great, it’s a fun way to burn off calories, too.
  5. Keep mom sharp!  Everyone, regardless of age, wants to stay sharp & vibrant. But it’s especially important that aging moms consider their mental acuity.  One incredible dance benefit is how it protects the brain from dementia.  Dancing frequently offers the greatest risk reduction of any physical or cognitive activity.  Get mom dancing — it’s the smart thing to do!

Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Special!

Gift Certificates for dance lessons make great Mother’s Day Gifts!

Help your mom get moving again by offering her a gift certificate for dance lessons at Fred Astaire Morristown. Gift Certificates are available now and are a unique thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s Day.

The gift of dance will last a lifetime. It can open up new worlds. Dancing is a great way to add excitement to a person’s life. Although learning to dance takes concentration and dedication, our studio members find they are constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Skip the stores of shopping for something mom already has or doesn’t need, give the gift of dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studio with a gift certificate for Mother’s Day. She’ll love it!

We are currently offering two fantastic offers, which can be purchased online, in person, or over the phone:

They also make great Mother’s Day Gifts!  Check out our discounted Introductory special  which ensures a great night out for mom.  Our Beginner Program is a package that will keep mom dancing !

Gift certificates are also available to be purchased in any denomination. Please call 973-993-9222 for more information. Gift certificates can be purchased in person at the studio or over the phone and mailed to you. You may also purchase gift certificates online!

Visit either page for more details, and feel free to call the studio at 973-993-9222 for more information!


Dance Lessons make great Mother's Day Gifts