Holiday Trophy Ball — Thank you to all who joined us!

Thank you to all our students who joined us for our Holiday Trophy Ball!

Fred Astaire New Jersey’s 2016 Holiday Trophy Ball was a wonderful success! The event took place at the Imperia in Somerset, NJ on Sunday, December 4th.  Chris Vecchiarelli, Mollie Lawrence, Erica Peitler, Larry Berger, Jenn Barenbaum, Tammy & Phil Siana, Alexandra Kiely, Joanne Johnson, Denise Addis, Iris Ng, Rika Yamaguchi & Halina Kolano were all part of the Morristown crew in attendance at this event.  We all had a great time celebrating and getting to know each other better!


The party was truly what celebrating was all about — good company, good times, and lots of fun and dancing!  The DJ played an entertaining mix of dances ranging from Foxtrot to Hustle.  A beautiful vocalist provided entertainment as well, singing songs that put you in the holiday mood and made you want to dance!

Not only was the event a celebration of the Holiday Season, we also celebrated the achievements of our student dancers who passed into new levels of their dancing!  Recipients performed a simple demonstration of their abilities to dances such as Swing, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha and more.


Receipients from Fred Astaire Morristown who were present for the awards ceremony of the Holiday Trophy Ball were the following:
Denise Addis received a diploma for passing out of Social Foundations.  Iris Ng, Jenn Barenbaum & Rika Yamaguchi received Preliminary Bronze awards.
Tammy Siana, Halina Kolano & Joanne Johnson received Intermediate Bronze Standard awards. Rika Yamaguchi also received a plaque for her Intermediate Bronze Honors Achievement.


Last but not least, Alexandra Kiely received a special trophy plaque for completing her Final Bronze with Honors!  Congratulations to all of our students for all their hard work and dedication that led to accomplishing these achievements!


An exciting professional show was an exciting part of the Holiday Trophy Ball as well.  See below for video & images of a very special, super fun and unique dance performed by our studio’s own Natalie Duke Honkonen & her partner Joe Hasson!

Click here to see the performance!


Selfies snapped holiday

There are many occasions and reasons in life that lead to celebrate, and dancing is always a perfect way to elevate the mood even more! The dancing and music created an atmosphere of fun and joy — a wonderful way to celebrate the Holiday season!  May we be thankful for our dancing skills and use it for many more fulfilling years of enjoyment!


If you haven’t started dancing yet, what are you waiting for?  Don’t put it off any longer! Celebrate with us and never sit out another dance again. Get started today by scheduling your Introductory Dance Lesson or consider giving a Gift Certificate for the Holidays!