NY/NJ DanceSport Competition

It’s competition time! The NY/NJ Dancesport Challenge is only a week away!

The Fred Astaire inter-regional competition will take place at the Westin Newport in Jersey City.  The event will kick off Friday, August 12th at 8am. The morning session will begin with the Smooth and Latin categories.  Student dancers will compete with their instructors in dances such as Waltz, Tango & Foxtrot and more.   The Friday evening session will feature International Standard dancing, Pro-Am show performances. This session will also feature all of the Professional divisions.

The competition continues Saturday with Rhythm dances like Cha Cha, Swing & Bolero during the day.

Spectator tickets for each session will be available for purchase at the door (cash only). Feel free to drop in and join us during any of these three sessions.  Your friends, fellow dancers & instructors will appreciate hearing your support from the sidelines as they grace the competition dance floor!


The fun doesn’t stop after that!  Purchase your tickets now and join us Saturday evening for an elegant, formal banquet!  The evening includes a delicious dinner, dance performances & lots of social dancing! Members of our friendly FADS staff will be in attendance to make sure you enjoy a fabulous experience.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new friends & dance with FADS students from across New York & New Jersey.  

This year’s banquet will feature not just one but TWO special shows! The fabulous Andrey Tarasov & Yulia Kuznetzova will be performing an exciting Latin show, exhibiting the sharp, dramatic movements of dances such as Paso Doble, Jive & more!

Andrey Tarasov and Yulia Kuznetsova2
Diego Franco & Aldana Balbuena will also be performing! This couple has an amazing Argentine Tango show in store that includes Argentinian folklore dancing . There will be interesting music, drums and unique movements like you’ve never before experienced! Check their moves out here in this video!

Talk to your teacher now for details.  You may also call 973-993-9222 to RSVP for the banquet!  We hope you choose to participate in this exciting upcoming event!



About Andrey Tarasov and Yulia Kuznetsova:  These two have been partners for only three years, but both started dancing as children in Russia, Andrey at age nine, Yulia at six. Yulia’s mother signed her up for both ice skating and dance; worried about falling on the ice and bloodying her knees, she gave up skating to focus on dance. These two Russians didn’t meet until they moved to Los Angeles and began competing on the American circuit. In 2012, between partners, Yulia called Andrey and suggested a tryout. They clicked immediately. Since turning professional two years ago, they’ve quickly risen through the Latin ranks, making the finals in many top competitions – including the Ohio Star Ball for two straight years. Asked what their greatest strength as a couple is, Andrey replied “My greatest strength is my partner, Yulia.”