Meet Natalie and Roni!

We are so very pleased to welcome two new instructors to our studio – Natalie Duke-Honkonen and Veronika Gadzheva. They’re a great addition to the staff you already know and love and we can’t wait to introduce you to Natalie and Roni. In fact, we’ll do it right now.

Hey, folks, it’s “Meet Natalie and Roni” time!

Natalie is a graduate of Chattanooga Center for the Creative Arts (CCA) and choreography student of Columbia College Chicago. She Natalie has a passion for all forms of dance and has performed in a variety of theatrical productions.

Natalie served as a Top Tier Company Member of WEAVE: A Conceptual Dance Company headed by Bernadette and Travis Upton as well as an instructor for the Fred Astaire Team in Tennessee, where she became a two-time regional Rhythm Champion. Wanting to expand her horizons and seeking a greater challenge, Natalie moved to New Jersey, where she is very happy to be a part of an amazing team and looks forward to the exciting future of her dancing career.

Natalie Honkonen

Natalie, tell us a bit about yourself.

Goal: World Domination! Haha! I would love to be a champion dancer, and one day travel to coach & choreograph.

Hobbies: Being outside! I love to hike, rock climb, and camp. I love traveling and eating amazing food!

Favorite Quote: “There’s no such thing as an inappropriate joke, that’s why it’s a joke!” – Michael Scott, “The Office”

Favorite Dance Movie: White Christmas

I love being a Dance Instructor because: It allows me to meet so many interesting people doing this thing called life, and the chance to share my passion and inspire others.

Hey, Roni, come on down …

Veronika2Roni began dancing when she was just 7 years old. Since then she has developed her talents, placing first in Rising Star Latin at the Burgas Cup DanceSport Competition and 1st in the Austrian World Open, among many other significant placements in prestigious competitions. She is a seven-time Bulgarian champion in the Gold division as well as a semifinalist in the World and European 10 Dance Championships. She’s also been featured on TV in Eurovision programs as well as Bulgaria’s Got Talent. Veronika is most proud of her achievements at the Blackpool Dance Festival, the world’s most famous, internationally significant dance competition. Among more than 2,000 couples from as many as 60 countries that entered this competition, Veronika and her partner proudly placed fifth in the Latin division.

Tell us about yourself, Roni:

Goal: To be American National Champion one day.

Hobbies: Cooking.

Personal dance tip: Dance first, think later!

What keeps you motivated? To be better than my competition.

I love being a Dance Instructor because: I love helping students grow to be comfortable and confident dancers to where they can bring their own individual style and personality to the dances.

Please say hello to Natalie and Roni on your visit to the studio!