October Guest Drive!

Get out your address books and contact lists, because we’re having a Guest Drive!

The Guest Drive will be held October 1st-16th and we’ve got an impressive list of prizes for our guest-getters!  Now is the time to start calling your friends, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances, hairdressers…or pretty much anyone you know!

Not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to be a big winner during this Guest Drive:

What is a Guest Drive?

The same way you bring lots of food to a Food Drive, you’ll bring Guests to a Guest Drive! It’s simple — bring in qualified guests to receive a series of prizes for each qualified guest you bring! The more guests you bring, the better the prizes get! In order to qualify, your guest must simply schedule and enjoy our 30-minute Introductory Dance lesson during the Guest Drive period (Oct 1-16).

What is a Qualified Guest?

Qualified guests must be new to Fred Astaire dance studios, aged 25+ and live or work within 20 miles of the studio.

Whats in it for them?

If you’re a dance at Fred Astaire Morristown, you already know dancing has dozens of benefits and makes life better in many ways! 2020 has been a rough year…dancing might be just the thing that will brighten a friend’s day or help him/her make an important life change.  It’s always a great idea to expand your horizons and try something new.  You’ll get a healthy workout & make connections with new friends, too!

All Guests need to do is enjoy our 30-minute private Introduction to Ballroom & Latin dancing during the Guest Drive period. We guarantee they’ll have a great time with us on the dance floor learning about the studio.
Best of all? Our Introductory Dance Lesson is currently FREE!

What’s in it for me?

For our October Guest Drive, we’ve boosted the incentive by adding extra prizes!

In addition to our ongoing Guest Incentive Bonus (Current students who bring qualified guests who then proceed with their dancing to complete our Beginner Program receive a FREE bonus private lesson!), we have a full list of prizes that students can earn for each guest they bring!

Check out the list of prizes here:

  1. One Dance Entry for December Rounds
  2. Half an In-House Coaching
  3. One Virtual Private Lesson
  4. One Pair of Dance Shoes
  5. One In House Coaching
  6. One Team Match Entry
  7. One Private Lesson
  8. Four Dance Entries for December Rounds
  9. Two Private Lessons
  10. One Holiday Regional Ball Admission Ticket

For each guest you bring, you’ll work your way down the list.  The more guests you bring, the better the prizes get!  If you’ve got 10 guests to bring, we’ve got 10 unique prizes that you can earn!

And if prizes aren’t enough incentive for you, each time you bring a qualified guest to the studio, you are giving your instructor the best compliment possible!

What’s next?

We appreciate your help in keeping our dance family growing by introducing new people to our studio!  Spread the word and tell your friends what dancing has done for you and bring them to meet us in our safe, positive environment!

Please see the front desk with any questions you may have and to start scheduling your guests for their free Introductory dance lessons now!