Only 7 days left until Christmas!

Only 7 days left until Christmas!
We’ve got 7 people we can help you shop for…

Whether your shopping for your parents, a friend or a bride-t0-be, finding the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge!

Although your shopping list may seem daunting, don’t give up! Instead of purchasing another necktie (or, heaven-forbid a fruit cake), give your your loved ones a unique gift that might just keep on giving — dance lessons! Giving the gift of dance is a wonderful and creative way to treat just about any personality on your list. We’ll show you what we mean.

The Soon-to-be Bride: With the big day approaching, many couples consider dance lessons as a way to ensure that their first dance is elegant and not embarrassing! However, faced with other wedding details, dance lessons can get left in the dust. Gifting dance lessons is a thoughtful way to contribute to a bride’s big day.

The New Years Resolution Maker: It’s a new year, which for this friend means a new weight loss goal, career aspirations, travel plans and new fitness trends. Rather than sitting back while they spend money on trampoline classes and miracle pills, introduce them to ballroom dance! Dance is one of the top 5 most effective ways to lose weight and can evolve into a lifelong passion. Let your resolution maker (or fitness fanatic) know you support their efforts by giving them a gift that helps them towards their goal.

The Workaholic: Dance is a proven stress reliever and mood lifter. For the workaholic tearing through life at 100 mph, dance lessons can serve as a welcome change of pace, a break from the chaos, and a chance to loosen up. Help your friend or loved one squeeze in the “me time” they need.

The Social Butterfly: Group dance lessons are a no pressure way to meet people and socialize. At Fred Astaire, dancers have the opportunity to take a number of different classes and dance with numerous partners, allowing them to mingle with tons of personalities. Fun, active, and filled with new people to connect with? It’s a social butterfly’s dream come true.

The Eternal Bachelor/Bachelorette: We know this one may be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely worth a try. The Eternal Bachelor/Bachelorette generally goes to work, comes home, and goes to the same places with his or her friends without much variation. Buying this person dance lessons will encourage them out of their comfort zone and put them up close and personal with new people in a new atmosphere. It could be just the hook they don’t know they need.

The Broadway Baby: From Grease to Wicked to Cats and beyond, Broadway Babies have seen every musical available. They know the songs, the cast, and the dances, but have they ever felt like they were part of the action? Treat this person to dance lessons and give them a chance to live out their favorite show! Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll make it on stage!

The Fred or Ginger: Just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, this person was born to dance! Perhaps they took some time away from dancing and need to be reintroduced? While they may be experts at their craft, there is always room to learn a new style or improve their technique, but even if they’ve got it all down, they’ll still love any chance to hit the dance floor. Whatever the reason, why not give them something you know they already love?

As you can see, we might as well be your one-stop gift shop for everyone on your list this holiday season. What will you choose? Happy Holidays!



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As you can probably tell, Fred Astaire Morristown is your one-stop gift shop
for everyone on your list this holiday season.
What will you choose?
Happy Holidays!