Thursday is our February Raffle Drawing — Be Here!

You know you’ve gotta be IN it to WIN it,
but you also need to BE HERE for Thursday’s Practice Session
to get the FREE dance lesson we’re giving away for February’s Monthly Raffle!

Stop by tomorrow, Thursday, March 7th at 7:45pm to try your luck
& to earn more tickets toward our March raffle , too!

Ticket raffle

In case you haven’t heard, raffle tickets can be earned by attending
Group Classes, Practice Sessions & Social Parties!

Tickets can be earned as follows:
1 Ticket per Group Class attended
2 Tickets per Practice Session attended
3 Tickets per Social Party attended

As if the thrill of twirling around the ballroom with us wasn’t reward enough,
the winner will receive one FREE private dance lesson!

Drawings will be held at 1st Practice/Social of following month.
Ticketholder must be present to receive prize!

So start scheduling your classes and plan to be here
Thursday evenings for all of our upcoming social events!


March’s lesson drawing will be held Thursday, April 4th!

Call 973-993-9222 for more info!