Trophy Ball — Congratulations to our students!

Fred Astaire New Jersey’s Trophy Ball

Trophy Ball was held during Team Match weekend, and students who attended demonstrated their achievements on the dance floor before recieving their awards.  Congratulations to all of our dedicated students who celebrated passing levels in 2018!

Trophy Ball 2019

Fred Astaire Morristown’s Student Award Recipients are:

Social Foundations
Dani Green
Steven Hansen

Preliminary Social Bronze
Steven Hansen — Double Honors

Intermediate Social Bronze
Nate Adamson — Qualification
Denise Addis — Qualification
Kelly Backus — Honors
Nicole Drasin — Honors
Trophy Ball 2019

Senior Social Bronze
Nate Adamson — Honors

Final Social Bronze
Joanne Johnson — Qualification
Tammy Siana — Qualification

Preliminary Advanced Bronze
Ashley Broadhecker — Standard
Pia Cardillo — Qualification
Deb Paff — Qualification
Trophy Ball 2019

Intermediate Advanced Bronze
Ashley Broadhecker — Standard
Lori Dahlberg — Qualification

Senior Advanced Bronze
Alexandra Kiely — Honors

Final Advanced Bronze
Alexandra Kiely — Honors

Congratulations to all of our students on their level-passing achievements!  Check out the Team Match photo album on our Facebook page for more photos of Team Match 2019 & Trophy Ball!

Trophy Ball 2019

Longevity Awards were also granted to those dancers who have been students of Fred Astaire Dance Studios for periods of 5 & 10 years.  This year, Fred Astaire Morristown’s student, Pia Cardillo, was the recipient of a 5 year longevity award!  Congratulations, and thank you for being a part of our studio family!


We’d like to thank ALL of our wonderful students who participated in Team Match and Trophy Ball!  Thank you for your continued support and for your lasting dedication to your dancing! We can’t express how proud we are of all of you and your achievements!!!

Trophy Ball 2019

Level-passing is an incredible achievement, but it’s only one of many aspects of dance that our students can choose to focus on when learning to dance. If you would like to find out more about our Trophy System and how it can become a highlight of your personalized dance curriculum, please see your instructor to discuss details!

Perhaps we’ll see YOU with a certificate or trophy in hand next year!