Dance Events at FADS Morristown: Winter Highlights

Dance Events at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Morristown — Look at how much fun we’ve had!

Dance Events, Socials, Shows, Competitions & more! Who says you can’t have fun during the chilly weather months!? Check out all the fun we’ve been having on the dance floor this Winter!


Metropolitan DanceSport Championships

Some of our favorite studio dance events are competitions! Congratulations to our students competitors who danced in this inter-regional ballroom & latin dance competition March 10th-11th at Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch, New Jersey!  Halina Kolano danced in the American Smooth division with her instructor, Tsvetomir Stoynov while Chris Vecchiarelli had his very first competitive dance experience with his teacher, Natalie Duke-Honkenen!  Both competitors performed dances such as Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz & more, and did a fabulous job showing off the results of their hard work on the dance floor!  Great job, competitors!

One of our favorite dance events at fred astaire morristown -- dance competition


Valentine’s Day Party

Thank you to all of our lovely students who came out to practice their moves and have a great time on the dance floor with us at our Valentine’s Day social dance party!  Socials are a great way to practice what you’ve been learning in your dance lessons while also socializing and having a great time.  Our students get a thrill from our dance events and some of our favorite parties are theme nights!  Check out the fun photos!

One of our favorite dance events at fred astaire morristown -- social dance theme party

Astaire’s All Stars

More than 20 Fred Astaire Morristown students gathered on Thursday, February 23rd to perform in our annual Astaire’s All Stars showcase evening!  This in-house dance event is a great opportunity for students of all levels to strengthen their dance and performance skills by focusing on developing routines.  Each routine had a different flavor, ranging from sassy to funny, sentimental to fierce.  Everyone did a fabulous job and we are now looking forward to more performances on an even grander stage in at New Jersey’s region-wide Showcase this September!

One of our favorite dance events at fred astaire morristown -- Astaire's All Stars!

St. Patrick’s Day Party
Another amazing, well-attended dance event at Fred Astaire Morristown!  We’ve never seen so much green & festivity on our dance floor — there was even a kilt!  Thank you to all our dedicated students who attended and danced the night away to a mix of dances such as Hustle, Swing, Tango, Mambo & more!  We can’t wait to see you again for our upcoming parties, including our “Let it Go” and “Prom Night” socials!  Start getting your costumes and accessories ready now!

One of our favorite dance events at fred astaire morristown -- weekly social dancing!



These are just a few of the fun dance events our students enjoyed Stay tuned & download our April calendar to stay on top of all the exciting dance events we have planned for Spring at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Morristown!  For more fun photos, join our studio Facebook & Instagram pages!