Fall Newsletter 2015



Fall Newsletter 2015

Turkey Day is a month away! Do you know what that means? That means our annual Thanksgiving party is also right around the corner! We want all of our students to come! Food, Fun, Friends and of course dancing are some of many things to enjoy at our practice parties, especially this one! The Thanksgiving party is one of many parties we have in our studio! We had three scheduled in the month of October alone, The Halloween Party on the 30th, the Ugly Tie Party on the 16th and at the very beginning of the month we had a Pot Luck Party on the 2nd of the month which was a great success.
We had so much food, that the instructors had to take some home at the end of the night! From Hilda’s Meatballs, to the Cider donuts that Vicki brought from the Cider Mill, to Eric’s Dip, the entire table was covered in delicious dishes and snacks.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Pot Luck Party in October, we were so excited to have you there that evening. Moving forward, into November, we are hoping for the same turn out, no! We want even more of our students here for the Thanksgiving pot luck party! We have found some great websites for you to use to search for the best dish to bring to the party! The first one is called Allrecipes.com they have some Delicious looking dishes like Sausage, Apple, and Cranberry Stuffing, and Green Bean Casserole, not to mention mouth-watering Pumpkin Pie, YUM! Tasteofhome.com is also a great option for everything from desserts to Southern style Thanksgiving dishes, and even Vegetarian dishes! For those of us who are looking for Gluten Free or Sensitive diet dishes, Eatingwell.com offers a ton of recipes for gluten free and diabetic diets! Please check these out to brainstorm for the dish you are bringing 🙂 🙂
Now what would a party be without people and what better way to celebrate your family being in town for the holidays, than to bring them to a party on Friday night!!! This way you can introduce them to your instructors and even show them everything you have been working while enjoying good food and friends! Speaking of bringing your family to parties, you know of at least two happening that week don’t you? That’s right! You could go crazy and bring them to the Guest Party on the night before! Thursday nights are where the instructors put on the best show filled with fun, and the guests get a really good idea of what it’s like to be a student at our studio.

Alright, now we’re going to get down to the details! As usual, the Thanksgiving party will be held on the Friday before Thanksgiving, the date this year is Friday, November 20th from 7:30pm-9pm. It will be a pot luck theme again so start going on Pinterest, or any of the websites we mentioned previously to find a new delicious dish for your instructors…Oh! Uh, for your fellow students that’s what we meant! But, in all seriousness, the studio community, especially your instructors would love to see you there! We are all very excited share tasty treats in spirit of celebrating beautiful friendships that we are so thankful for here at Fred Astaire. We will be dancing the night away as we give thanks for having such wonderful students who make our day! Join us!

Anastasia Abrashin Coaching

Wow, what a pleasure it was to have Anastasia Abrashin here with us at the beginning of the month. She spent the entire day training and coaching our students, many of which were working on routines for showcases so she was able to touch on many different aspects of their Dancing. There is a little bit you need to know about Anastasia before reading on, it will explain why it was such an honor to have her in the studio. Not only is she a National Dance Council Member, but also a Fred Astaire National Dance Champion in Rhythm, Smooth, nine dance and show dance categories! She has also been a National Rhythm Finalist and a National Theatrical Arts Champion. Lastly she has the title of Ohio Star Ball Rhythm Finalist. We are fortunate enough to have wonderful students who wanted to share their coaching experiences with everybody.
With the first expereince of the day, Brigitte Gram had this to say about her experience, “On October 1st, we were fortunate to have Anastasia come and do coaching at the Mystic studio. It was very helpful to get her perspective on what the judges are looking for on the competitive dance floor. She emphasized the importance of looking confident by having good posture with head held high and keeping the chin up. She talked about portraying the character of dance as well. In addition, she mentioned the importance of not overthinking the choreography and worrying less about technique, but rather stay in the moment and enjoy the dance. I found her way of describing arm movements as a continuation of body movements very helpful and also interesting. In addition to all this helpful information, she helped me with my open cha cha routine and helped clean up the steps to make it look sharp and fast. The coaching was over way to soon and I wished I had more time with her when the lesson was over. Lucky for me, she’ll be back in November and I looking forward to learning more from her.”
Anastasia booked the entire day so she had another student right away. Her next student, Karen Bordeleau had has been working with Vadim. We asked Karen for a few words about her experience and she had this to say, “The Funny thing was,I barely danced at all. I watched her danced with Vadim, She helped choreograph a fantastic waltz for Vadim and me. After watching her, I feel like if I dance it just 50% percent of how well Anastasia did, I’m going to look really good! She is very professional and very inspirational.” Karen really showed us how a coach can inspire their students. Karen was very excited to move forward with the work she did when Anastasia was here. The next student has been a long term student with Vadim and has been in competitions before. Pam Julien was looking forward to a session with Anastasia and told us what her experience was like.
Pam had a good interaction with Anastasia, she wanted to say a special thank you to Vadim; “Thank you Vadim for bringing such a talented dancer and coach to our studio, Anastasia was wonderful. She was quick in her ability to see what the student and the routine needed to improve. Also, she was generous and artistic with choreography.” Pam also mentioned that she was very excited to work with Anastasia again when ever she can come back to the studio. Yet again another dancer given some encouraging feelings from our coach Anastasia. The students really had a high interest in having a session with Anastasia, our next scheduled student Dyana Fonda has been dancing with Vadim since the beginning of his journey here and was very excited to get some coaching.
Dyana said that she had a wonderful experience with Anastasia. Anastasia and Vadim worked together to make a very fun, “clever” foxtrot routine for her. She said that she was excited to start it.
Lesley Wolf, again another long term student, has been with the studio for over 2 years now dancing with Caleb. She said she enjoyed her session with Anastasia because she was very good at giving positive constructive criticism without making you feel bad. Lesley gave an example: “Instead of saying ‘No, that’s wrong she would say something like, that was very good and a way that you can make it even better is doing this…’ and that was very beneficial for the way we learn” She told us that she received useful tips and productive training. Wow, What a great lesson, some teachers only explain what you do wrong but at Fred Astaire we know that the best way to learn is to get great feedback and tips. And Anastasia has carried that all the way up to the position she is in as a professional coach.

Fred Astaire International Championships Cruise!

All Aboard!!! The cruise ship is coming into port! Fred Astaire is hosting the January International Championships on the Royal Caribbean cruise line Oasis of the Seas in 2016. Set sail on the sea for a great competition!
The event will take place from January 23rd to 30th Just when you thought your holiday was over! Just push through the first two weeks of being back at work and then take get ready to relax…And compete! The Fred Astaire team has been able to land some great group rates for the students so you should take advantage of them now before it’s too late! October 21st is the deadline and rooms are filling up fast! There are some amazing deals for your travel including spacious rooms and beverage packages, spa treatments, and pre-cruise hotel packages in Fort Lauderdale, plus many more.
The rooms on the Oasis of the Sea Vessel are fabulous! They are very spacious for what you might expect on a boat and several room sizes and types are available. Whichever room you have you will feel comfortable and wake up ready for the day. The rooms range from $484-$904 depending on size and level. You could have a balcony room or an interior room; the balcony rooms are available on either balcony 1 or 2 of the Ship and have many features. Everything on this venture is meant for your pleasure and fun the features that the balcony rooms provide include private balcony, shower, living area with desk and sofa. It also includes air conditioning, radio, internet and individual safe. The interior rooms are based on size and features as well. The Ocean view rooms are equipped with similar features but have a window with a view of the ocean, couch, TV, queen bed, and of course individual shower and bathroom. The Interior State room has everything that the ocean view room has except a view of the ocean, instead it provides an additional mirror and is situated on the interior of the vessel. Lastly they offer an interior central park room that is similar to the interior room except it provides a window overlooking Central Park inside the vessel. Each room Comes with 24 hour room service for all of your midnight snacking, and beverage needs! Speaking of Beverages this trip offers an exceptional variety of Beverage packages.
These are the kind of beverage packages, that will make your mouth water! Everything from water to wine is available. The Packages consist of the following; Royal Replenish, Premium, Select, and Ultimate. With each upgrade in package there is a discount offered for certain beverages like wines and beers. The prices range from, just $19.00 to $55.00 per person per day.
The cruise will be taking port in several locations during this trip including the Bahamas, The Virgin Islands and St. Maarten. There are a lot of things to do
Ports that the ship will visit are listed below in order of arrival and departure.

The ship will depart the Fort Lauderdale FL port at 4:30pm on January 23rd and will arrive in Nassau Bahamas 7:00am on January 24th and depart at 2:00pm to head for the Virgin Islands. On January 25th we will be Cruising during competition the Competitions. At about 10:00am on the morning of the 26th the vessel will arrive at St Thomas, Virgin Islands where passengers can enjoy off shore excursions until 7:00pm when the Boat will depart. The next stop is scheduled for an arrival of 8:00am in Phillipsburg, St Marten on the 27th and will depart at 5:00pm to return home to Fort Lauderdale. However the trip is not over on the 27th there will be competitions held all throughout the day on the 28th and the 29th while cruising home. And finally after a long, eventful, amazing adventure the vessel will arrive in the home port in Fort Lauderdale FL at 6:15pm Saturday. It’s not too late for a vacation, talk to Vadim if you want to go!

Foxwoods Competition 2015

Foxwoods Competition is November 12th, 13th, and 14th. It’s not too late to purchase session tickets or banquet tickets. Talk to your instructor or see Esther at the window to reserve your spots ASAP. Come cheer on our competitors as they take the floor. Come people, we want the top studio banner!!!

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