Try our Bachata Class at our Scottsdale Dance Studio

scottsdale bachata classesGroup classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Scottsdale are always fun and engaging, but on Friday night, Jan. 29, our class will go in an exciting direction that we are sure you will like.

We are taking you on a dancing adventure with one of the more sensual dances – and a hot new trend – the Bachata. We’ll be teaching it at 5:45 p.m. at the studio. You simply must be here for this!

Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic. The music and the dance have roots in Cuban Bolero, the Merengue (also of Dominican Republic origin), Salsa and Cumbia. Bachata music has four beats per measure. In Bachata dancing, the dancer takes three steps to four beats of music. As with Salsa, the step timing is three steps and then a one-beat pause. Bachata does not typically include complex turn patterns, because most of the movement comes from the lower body. The close connection is part of the soul of this steamy dance!

Join us as we review one of the styles in our extensive repertoire of dances taught at the studio. Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Scottsdale is located in the heart of Scottsdale and we serve many neighboring communities including Phoenix, North Mesa, Fountain Hills, Carefree, and more! Experience the magic! Contact us today for the best in private and group dance classes.