8 Reasons to Dance!

“Dance like nobody’s watching” – we’ve all heard that phrase that encourages each of us to let loose and go for it! It’s good advice. Here are 8 reasons from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing that show you just some of the benefits.

1. Dance keeps both your body and mind active. It’s a winning combination for good health at all ages.

2. Dance improves strength and flexibility. Simply, it’s good for your body and your joints. It creates a healthier you.

3. Meet new friends. As you show your willing to get on the dance floor – or take dance lessons – you’re going to get to meet new people and make new friends.

4. Reduce stress levels. Taking time out to enjoy any hobby is going to reduce your stress. Dance adds physical activity to further reduce any stress you feel.

5. Learn about other cultures. Whether it’s an All-American square dance or a South American rumba, dance reflects cultures from around the world. The more you explore dance; the more you’ll learn about other places and other people. And, that’s not to mention the new friends from different places and of different ages that you’ll meet.

6. Learn about yourself. Dance makes you more aware of your body. It can help you improve your posture and your balance. Beyond that, dance will help you open new possibilities as it increases your self-esteem and confidence.

7. Meet fitness goals. Dance is exercise that’s fun! If you’re not “sporty” and don’t like the gym, dance may be a way to get your daily exercise – even, if some of that time you’re dancing alone!

8. Build communication skills. When you take the floor with a new dance partner, you’re not only challenging your feet, your using your social skills. You’ll get better at meeting, greeting and making new friends.