The Perfect First Dance – Even if You Have Two Left Feet

You’ve said “I do” and now the party is about to begin – with your first dance as husband and wife.  If you’re dreading the moment, here are 5 great ideas to help you get the wedding reception and the happily ever after off to a great start!

Plan a surprise. Start slow with a typical romantic tune.  Then, have your DJ make a loud scratching noise or other failure kind of noise.  Just when your guests think that you are facing a music disaster, cue up a fast, rock and roll number and boogie down.  It’s a great way to set the  mood for everyone to enjoy the dance floor!

Pick a favorite flick. You may not be ready to be Fred and Ginger, but it you have a dance from a favorite movie, copy it.  Your guests will recognize the music and the dance steps and will cheer you on to an exciting start of the reception.

Use props. One hockey playing couple used hockey sticks ala Broadway show dances and included the bride sitting on the stick that the groom was holding for a spin around the dance floor.  Don’t be afraid to have a prop ready – just match the flavor of the song and have fun.  How about a tango with a rose from the bride’s bouquet?

Sophisticated and classic. If you’re a traditionalist, make your dance flowing and lovely – not just standing in one spot and moving a little.  A classic waltz or foxtrot is great.  Or, if you can handle it go for a rumba or another Latin flavored number.

Don’t stop. The first dance of the bridge and groom are followed by a dance with the bride and her father and the groom and his mother.  Keep the fun going.  If the song is sentimental, have the DJ announce it.  One bride danced to a Disney classic from a movie she’d made her Dad watch time and time again.  If the Mom or the Dad is an accomplished dancer (and the groom and bride can keep up), go for something amazing.  A quick step?


With the first dance of the evening, the bride and groom help set the stage for all the fun to come.  It’s not the time to feel shy or ill at ease on the dance floor.  If your dance skills aren’t quite up to par, consider the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Scottsdale Not only can they help the couple plan something special, they’re happy to have the whole wedding party involved for a dancing tribute to love!