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December 2019

March 2019

US National Champions 2019 comes to our Fred Astaire Youth couple – Nikita Grygorchuk & Naomi Spektor!

We’ve always been strong advocates of getting children involved in dance.

For one thing, you know where they are and what they are doing when they are at our Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Scottsdale.

For another, you never know what they will achieve with these skills they work so hard to develop.

So let’s congratulate Nikita Grygorchuk and Naomi Spektor of the Scottsdale studio. They finished in first place and became National Champions in the Under 19 Latin division at the United States Amateur Dancesport Championships from March 6-9. Outstanding!

Let’s also thank Roman Myrkin & NATALIIA BIEDNIAGINA, coaches of Nikita & Naomi! Great work done by all!

Are your children learning to dance? Ballroom dance teaches more than dance – it teaches social skills and cooperation, builds self-confidence and provides great exercise and a creative outlet. No previous experience is required and all skill levels are welcome.

Here’s what we offer for kids ballroom dance lessons:

Share the dance experience with your children. Ballroom dance instruction can add a special dimension to their lives, as it has to yours, while helping them build life skills.

Once again, congratulations to Nikita and Naomi for their outstanding achievement, we are so proud of you!!