Try Zumba at our February Fitness Class

Northbrook February FitnessWe’ve been extolling the virtues of fitness all through February and the turnout of students for our parties and events has been terrific. We’re going to cap this great month on Friday, Feb. 26, with our Fabulous February Fitness Party. You will so enjoy this!

We’ll start with a Zumba group class taught by Ali Margolis at 7:30 p.m. Zumba is a dance fitness program with South American roots that began in the 1990s and it’s still going strong. It provides a great workout to fabulous music.

You won’t even realize you are burning calories and getting fit! You don’t have to know how to dance, just move your body and follow the leader — it’s easy!  Whether you are new to ZUMBA or have done it before, ZUMBA offers a total body workout as well as a challenge.

Our Zumba class is for everyone — men and women of all ages are welcome to take part in this invigorating, high energy workout that makes fitness fun!
If you hate to work out but love to dance, Zumba is for you!

We’ll segue into a practice party at 8:15, which will be where students get an opportunity to practice their social dancing together. The event is free to students and their guests, and we’d be happy if you just feel free to dress in your favorite workout gear.

Dance is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways: Health, Confidence, Self-Expression, Social, Relaxation, and Fun. When you dance, your cardiovascular system improves, your muscle tone increases and you burn calories.

This low-impact aerobic activity also increases flexibility, strength, and balance. Olympic athletes often dance as part of their training to sharpen their control, agility, and speed. Dancing is great exercise, and our studio offers a pleasant, fun atmosphere in which to learn.

Stay fit and have fun! Join us on Friday, Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Northbrook for our Fabulous February Fitness Party.