Kharyton & Anastasiya Khomenko – Dance Director/Studio Owners

Kharyton & Anastasiya both started their dance career at the age of 5, in Ukraine. During their career they both were trained by some of the best coaches from all over the world. They both competed in many International competitions and are champions of most of them. Kharyton is also known as a two-time World Champion in Ten Dance (both styles Latin and Ballroom).
Anastasiya and Kharyton started dancing together in 2012 and owned a very successful dance studio in Ukraine.Their student were the champions and finalist of many major competitions like Blackpool Dance Festival, International Championship in England, World ,European Championships around the Europe! Anastasiya and Kharyton joined Fred Astaire Company in 2014 in WIsconsin. They both specialize in all styles including Latin, Standard, Rhythm and Smooth. Some of their major accomplishments are Top 10 at the WDC World Professional Championship in Ten Dance, 2 times Fred Astaire World Champions and 3 times Fred Astaire National Champions in standard, 6 times Fred Astaire Professional Champions in Ten Dance. They also have won many competitions in the US (in both styles Latin and Standard).