Grab a Friend and Prepare To Share Your Greatest Accomplishments!

Just when you think you are recovering from the Labor Day weekend, we come along with one more party. Very thoughtful of us here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Northbrook, don’t you think? Hey, a party is a party. Think of this as a head start on the next weekend!

It’s a guest party and it’s on Thursday night, Sept. 15, at 7:30 p.m. It has a special theme – “Share Your Accomplishments.”

We’re very proud of what our students have achieved in various competitions, so we’re asking them to bring not only their friends but their various awards, certificates, ribbons, pictures and trophies that show their past accomplishments. These could be emblematic of any academic, work, sports or hobby-related activities – anything they are proud to share! We want to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and offer all a chance to show off a bit and share their life’s passions (which we know include dance lessons right here in this building).

We will also have a full evening of social dancing in a fun and friendly environment for students and their friends to enjoy. We kick if off with a group class at 7:30, followed by a social dance session.

Your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues have no doubt heard plenty from you about your great experiences on the dance floor at our Northbrook studio. Here’s your opportunity show them first-hand how they can build confidence in social settings and meet other like-minded people through dance. It’s a party! See you there!