Share the Experience Guest Party

Share the Experience Party!While you’re putting the 50’s Swing Night on your calendar, make sure you add our Share the Experience Guest Party with Pies on Thursday, October 22, at 7:30 p.m.

Fred Astaire Northbrook’s dance students often talk about the fun they have, the skills they learn and the friendships they build through their lessons, practices and parties at the studio. One way we spread the word about the beneficial aspects of dance – and, as you know, there are many – is with a “Share the Experience Party.” We’ve got one coming up on Thursday night, October 22nd.

Bring your friends and family (and your appetite) to our guest group class for people who have never danced before (just like when you first started at Fred Astaire Dance Studios). We will serve pies and soft drinks. Admission: One pie and one or more guests. Apple, peach, pumpkin pie, you bake (or buy) and we will all have a great time at the dessert bar while dancing and meeting the folks you’ve brought with you.

Dancing, as our students will attest, is a great way to add excitement to your life. Although learning to dance takes concentration and dedication, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Time to party! Join us first for 50’s Swing Night on Thursday, October 15 at Mission Hills Country Club, and on the 22nd for Share the Experience. See you