Svitlana Gliebova – Studio Owner/ Manager

Svitlana Gliebova
Fred Astaire Dance Studio Downtown New York Owner

Svitlana Gliebova was born in Lviv, Ukraine. She studied Public Relations in Kiev National University of Culture and Arts where she met her future husband Artur Sveshnikov. At the time she was also pursuing her modeling career, participating in “Ukrainian Fashion Week”and many other shows, shoots and presentations. After Artur got invited to teach ballroom dancing at one of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in United States, Svitlana decided to move to US and continue with modeling. She used to be a part of “Wilhelmina” Models in New York, and traveled all over Asia doing numerous shows and magazine shoots.

After Artur became a co-owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio – New York Midtown Svitlana began training to become a certified Ballroom Dance Instructor. She fell in love with the Fred Astaire Company, as she saw how Students became more happy, confident, and graceful after each lesson. The ability to bring music, dance and joy to people every day is what inspires her to continue learning and make sure she becomes the best teacher she can be for her Students!

Together with her husband Artur they always dreamt of having their own Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Downtown New York. And after a few years their dream came true!

On September 1st, 2017 Fred Astaire Dance Studio Downtown New York became officially opened, and now welcomes Students of all ages, all levels and all aspirations! Artur and Svitlana know the Studio will become the second home for all their Students, as well as allow everyone to rich their full potential in a warm and supportive atmosphere.