Downtown View Episode 3 || Life of a Ballroom Dance Studio

Downtown View Episode 3


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Downtown View. Vlog about Ballroom Dancing and the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Downtown New York. This is a weekly Vlog, so every week, please stop by and see what news we have prepared for you! You will get to see the Studio, meet up close the whole team, consisting of Artur Sveshnikov, Svitlana Gliebova, Tetyana Makarenko, Mykhailo Azarov, Goran Subotic, Kateryna Ksonz, Nikita Guzovskiy and Ekaterina Serbina.

You will get to travel with us to Fred Astaire Regional, National and World Competitions, see our day to day life, preparations for big events and hear from the best coaches in the Ballroom World.

We welcome all the feedback and comments, we hope you will like our New Project, Subscribe and Share the videos!

With love,

Svitlana Gliebova & Team Downtown