Fred Astaire Downtown is one month old!

We are officially one month old now!!!!:)

It seems just like yesterday, but the whole month has gone by since Fred Astaire Downtown Dance Studio opened it’s doors..

Tribeca had the most warm welcome for us! Starting with the neighborhood press, local business, buildings, restaurants, everyone is so happy that we are now a part of the community! We have met so many wonderful people during this month! The word is starting to spread that there is now a Fred Astaire Downtown dance family in the neighborhood. Every day we welcome new customers and we would like to say Thank You! It’s an absolute pleasure to watch you smile when you dance, to see you forget all your daily troubles and allow yourself to live in this moment, to answer your questions and little by little guide you into this world of ballroom dancing!

Some of you say that you come just for fun, some to release stress and tension of everyday life, some to add more physical exercise to their day, some to learn the skill of dancing to impress their loved ones, some to get ready for an upcoming event! Whatever your reasons may be we are happy that your choice fell on our Studio!

We would like to welcome Ed, Rosemarie, Joan, Georgia, Andrea, Claudio, Noreen, Jennifer, Jeff, Barbara, Cristione, Marcio, Barbara, Lihua, Samyak, Beth, David, Liz, Kasra & Roya to the Family!