10 Movie Dances that Show the Power, Beauty and Fun of Dance

Ask about a dance in a movie and someone is sure to say “Singing in the Rain”. It’s a classic, but here are more movie moves – some from films where you’d expect to find them – some not so much! All of them make you want to get up and move with beat! Here are 10 worth watching again – in no particular order.

  1. The Big Lebowski (1998). What condition was his condition in? It plays out in a marvelous spoof of Vegas spectaculars. No feathers in these headdresses – they’re copies of bowling pins. It’s definitely a strike!
  2. Footloose (1984). A classic that proves you can’t ban dance – especially at prom time. Hats off to Kenny Loggins for the song and Keven Bacon for the moves.
  3. An American in Paris (1951). A classic that earned Gene Kelly and honorary Oscar, the 16-minute (that’s right 16 minutes!) ballet with Kelley and Leslie Caron is a classic song and dance! Amazing!
  4. Scent of a Woman (1992). Al Pacino was definitely debonair when he tangoed out to the floor, but we don’t think it would win on Dancing with the Stars. A contender though and no “Rotten Tomatoes” were thrown.
  5. Westside Story (1961). You have several to pick from – like the fight ballet between the Sharks and the Jets – but a favorite has to be the mambo and the rivals fighting it out on the dance floor. Swirling skirts and fancy footwork – watch it again and again.
  6. The Blues Brothers (1960). Ray Charles has everyone on the street showing how they “Shake a Tail Feather” through all the dances of the 60’s – from the monkey to the swim and the mashed potato to the fly. And, that’s not to mention the cute kids dancing on the police car. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi knew how to get down!
  7. The Royal Wedding (1951). Gene Kelly may have danced in the rain, but in this classic film he dances on the wall and the ceiling – in an age where there were no special effects. All that fancy footwork on a revolving set. WOW!
  8. Dirty Dancing (1987). Lots of dancing? Of course! But the finale where Baby shows she can move her hips and masters that leap just can’t be beat. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey became modern Fred Astaires and Ginger Rogers.
  9. The Rocky Horror Show (1975). Here’s a dance that came with instructions – jump to the left and step to the right. Simple? Simply fun!
  10. Risky Business (1983). Tom Cruise in underwear has to make the list – especially with the moves he showcases. It’s become a classic with takeoffs and re-dos on everything from Dancing with the Stars” to Guitar Hero ads.

The list could go on and on. But, don’t just think about it – get with it. Come to Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Paradise Valley. We may not put you in the movies, but we’ll get you out on the floor, looking like a star!