8 Cool Summer Fun Ideas for Adults

Happy Mature couple

Summer threatens to turn us all into couch potatoes.  Outdoor exercise routines aren’t much fun in the heat – if you can do them at all.  So, enjoy summer – just like you did when you were a kid.  Turn off the TV and try some of these 8 summer fun ideas.

  1. Go to the movies – and order that buttered popcorn.  Make it a trip back to your childhood with one of the great animated films or try your favorite best-seller now on the big screen.
  2. Create a memory – for your whole family.  Open up that box of old photos and memorabilia.  Go to a local arts and crafts store and take a lesson in scrapbooking and then start creating special memories for all the people you love.  These scrapbooks make great Christmas presents so you could even cut back on your Holiday shopping!
  3. Sit down at the computer.  Learn a new program or a new skill.  Learn with YouTube is all about.  If there’s something you want to learn to do on the computer or another skill you want to pick up, you’re going to find the YouTube probably has a video that will teach you how.  Get comfortable with all the new technology and you’ll use it all year long.
  4. Be a tourist in your own hometown.  Check out the local (air conditioned!) museums and art galleries that you haven’t taken the time to visit recently.
  5. Volunteer – Doing good is going to make you feel good.  What’s your interest?  Children?  Volunteer at a children’s shelter or women’s shelter that needs help with the kids.  Try the hospital or a nursing home.  After all, a trip from your air conditioned home in your air conditioned car to an air conditioned building isn’t that bad.
  6. Go to a bookstore.  They may almost be a thing of the past with the emphasis on electronic books, but they’re still out there and they still have lots of shelves to browse, comfortable chairs to preview a book and most have a place where you can get an iced coffee or cold drink.
  7. Eat out.  Plan a summer celebration at your favorite upscale restaurant.  Sure, you can find air conditioning and food at a coffee shop, but you won’t get the pampering and service you’ll find at a great steakhouse or a Continental restaurant.  A summer splurge is worth the price.
  8. Learn to dance.  Or, brush up on your dance skills.  Go to an established dance center.  You’ll learn new steps, build confidence and, best of all, make new friends.  Plus, this will add the exercise you’re missing because of the heat back into your schedule!

Don’t let summer heat get you down!  If you live in Paradise Valley, AZ, you know how hot, hot can be.  But, everything above will work for you and when it comes to dance, try the Fred Astaire Dance Center right there in Paradise Valley!