Save the Date for our Havana Nights Spotlight!

Our students take pride in their dedication to dance and we respect the hard work they put into mastering dance steps and routines.!We love it when they get a chance to show the world how far they’ve come and how much talent they have.)

That next opportunity arrives August 10th with our Havana Nights Spotlight!! For a fabulous evening of dance, authentic cuban food and live music, join us on Friday evening at our studio and you’ll truly be transported to Cuba!

Once our students have passed Basic Level and Social and Advanced Foundation programs, they can move into the Trophy system to further develop their skills. Another important benefit of Spotlight is performing before a crowd which can be new to some so it helps students get the feel of a competitive setting. Having family and friends support them at this event is also a great confidence builder.

Talk to your instructor or call the studio (602-493-3003) to purchase your tickets! Space is limited and we know this is a popular event amongst our students!

Join us for an evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live music, dancing, and fantastic shows performed by fellow FADS students and professionals