Jenny LeRoux

Position: Colorado Operations Director

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas

Favorite Food: I love food, in general…especially ethnic food such as Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Middle Eastern. I also love ice cream!

Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian

Favorite Dance: Rumba and Foxtrot

What I Love Most About Working at Fred Astaire: I love the positive atmosphere at the studios and seeing the growth, increased confidence and happiness in our students. Every single professional in the Colorado Region is amazing and a joy to work with. I also enjoy dancing with all the different students at our Practice Parties.

Who I Admire Most and Why: The person I admire the most is my mom. She is a hard worker, loving, and is always there for my sisters and me. She did her best to make sure my sisters and I had everything we wanted in life.

One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me: Before I began my career as Operations Director at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, I was deathly afraid of dancing. Through the encouragement of our amazing instructors, I was able to overcome this fear and now love to dance.

Biography: Jenny graduated from University of Colorado with a Bachelors of Science with a double emphasis in management and marketing. She continued on to obtain a Masters degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in leadership. Jenny has been employed by top 100 companies including Sam’s Club, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Mars, Inc, and Cargill Food Distribution. Each of these companies are privately held organizations and Jenny brings knowledge she has gained from these large companies into our business. Prior to joining us at Fred Astaire, Jenny was the General Manager of an organization that provided care, housing, transportation, and activities for individuals with special needs, disabilities, and elderly.

Jenny possesses a proven track record of exceeding company objectives. She is a quick learner, results oriented, high energy, diverse, and has a strong work ethic possessing both strategic and operational skills. Jenny is highly skilled in delivering results, critical/analytical thinking, top to top sales calls, and coaching in leading sales professionals. Jenny’s experience makes her an asset to our Fred Astaire team, especially as we continue to grow. Jenny’s ability to bring consistency to the operations of our studio through her organization, automation of documents, report creation, graphic design/marketing expertise, and creative ideas will make the growth of our studios more stream lined.