Lyndsy Aguirre

Position: Dance Instructor

Place of Birth: Altus, Oklahoma

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Music: I enjoy all genres of music!

Favorite Dance: Rumba

Competition Style: American Smooth and Rhythm

What I Love Most About Teaching: I love helping others enjoy music, showing them how to be creative, and putting my focus on others!

Who I Admire Most and Why: My mom, because she has always supported me and helped me chase after my dreams.

One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me: I lived in Alaska!

Biography: Lyndsy was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Minnesota. She has been dancing for several years and loves to teach. Lyndsy started ballroom dancing and training soon after her mother introduced her to it for a birthday celebration. She attended college in Oklahoma for Music Composition and continues to write music for ballets all over the country.