Looking for New Date Night Ideas? Why Not Do Ballroom Dancing Together?

Ballroom Dancing is Romantic!

Many people believe ballroom dancing is an activity belonging to decades past. However, as many of our Fred Astaire certified ballroom dance instructors know, ballroom dancing is as useful and fun now as it ever was. Ballroom dancing offers exercise, laughs, and boosted self confidence in the way one carries themselves. With benefits like that, why wouldn’t you try it out for your next couple’s night out in Tampa or St.Pete?

Tampa, which is known for a famously cuban history, understands that dancing is something you’ll enjoy now and twenty years from now. From the cigars to the coffee, east to west, Tampa is a city that will never be void of dancing. Not will dancing together give you culture, but it will keep you and your partner young and active together. We see children as young as four come to our studio, and dancers as old as eighty. Experiencing dancing as a couple is something that will de-stress you from the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in gaining a new date night activity for the Tampa Bay Area, book an introductory (discounted)  lesson to begin your dancing journey! Once enrolled, you’ll have access to our weekly practice parties. These parties offer the perfect date night- disco ball, champagne, and free snacks as well. Along with that, enrolled students can also dance with other instructors so they can understand how to improve their dancing together.

While there are many many benefits of learning ballroom dancing together, there is nothing that will convince you more of this than simply trying it out. Dancing is addictive, we will warn you! You may never want to quit.. And why should you? Book your lesson to get your feet moving together today!