Country Western Dance Classes

Country western music is a staple of American culture, and so are the dances that best accompany it. Stop by any little roadhouse or country-and-western themed dance hall and you will see and feel a variety of engaging dances that never go out of style and never stop being fun.

Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Pearland offers country western dance classes that will have you kicking up your heels to classic and modern C/W music and enjoying every minute of it. It’s a casual style of dance, suited to cowboy boots, jeans and checkered shirts and anyone can learn! It’s very cool and very in!

The most basic form of the country-western partner dances is the two-step. It draws from the foxtrot and sticks to a comfortable format – one, two, one, two, slide, shuffle. It has been described as “just walking to a beat.”

Tweak the steps a little bit and you get the Texas Polka, which is basically two quick steps and two slow steps. It’s a bouncy little dance when done with music of a faster tempo.

These dances all change depending on the way a couple executes them. There’s side by side, sweetheart, shadow – try and enjoy all of the various forms.

Country western dances allow the dancers both freedom and closeness. They are traditional yet easy to dress up and they can be quite vigorous.

Learn them with us at our Pearland dance studio. You’ll be shouting “yee-haw” when you cut loose on the dance floor with a partner!

Check out our monthly calendar to see our class schedule!