The Joy of Dancing

There is a reason why dancing is an integral part of so many celebrations from weddings to birthday parties or to a night out of town. Dancing seems to find its way into every happy occasion making them a little more memorable. Why? Because dancing is not only an artistic form of expression but it’s a joy, after all, do you ever see anyone on a dance floor in a bad mood? The answer is probably not. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills on the dance floor for a special occasion, become more confident, or improve your fitness and flexibility, dancing can provide something for everybody. The great thing about dancing is, you can be any age or ability to begin and very little equipment is needed to cut loose on the floor and we guarantee you’ll end up having fun. 

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, our passion is helping to enrich lives – physically, emotionally, socially and mentally – through the positive and transforming power of dance. Our introductory classes are affordable and money well spent, as you’ll soon discover the joy of increased confidence, health, energy & fun that only dancing can bring!

The Science:

Multiple studies throughout the United States and Europe tout the numerous benefits of dance including improved cardiovascular health, balance, and even the slowing of diseases such as dementia. Dance has also been shown to improve mental health. Why? Theorists believe it’s because dancing demands both mental and physical effort.

Types of Dance:

Once you decide to become a  Fred Astaire student you can rest assured there are multiple dance programs, classes, and events to join. You are never limited to just one style and sometimes it takes multiple classes to determine what style of dance you love the most! Here are just some of the dances we offer: 


  • Argentine Tango
  •  Foxtrot
  •  Tango
  •  Waltz
  •  Viennese Waltz
  •  Quickstep


  •  Mambo
  •  Hustle
  •  East Coast Swing
  •  West Coast Swing
  •  Merengue
  •  Rumba
  •  Cha Cha
  •  Samba
  •  Bolero
  •  Paso Doble
  •  Jive
  • Salsa

There is no denying the sheer joy of dancing, whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a way to connect with your partner, or improving your social, physical or emotional health, Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Mequon will be your partner every “step” of the way. For more information on lessons, the benefits of dance, or different events at the studio, reach out to us by calling

 (262) 241-1221 or by just stopping in today!