Joseph Kramer – Studio Manager

Joseph is a Wisconsin native with a background in musical theater and performance. Joseph started his career with Fred Astaire in 2011 at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Madison West. He started as an instructor with very little experience in ballroom dancing, but he quickly learned what it was to take a student from a Beginners Program, to Social Foundation, and on to the Bronze level of dancing. He thrived at enrolling students and enriching people’s lives through dancing, and even won Top Enrollment Specialist for 2012 in the Wisconsin Region. From day one, Joseph’s goal was to run his own studio.

So when he was promoted to Studio Manager, he jumped at the chance to learn all fundamentals of success in running a dance studio. As a result, Joseph took Top Studio Enrollment Manager for the Wisconsin Region in 2013. In 2014 he continued his education, and proved to be a leader in the region. That also lead him to be Top Enrollment Manager again for 2014 in the region, and runner up for Top Advanced Manager in the Wisconsin Region.

In 2015 he was asked to take his knowledge from the experience he had at the West studio, and bring it to Fred Astaire Madison East. As the studio Manager, he started to build a studio to call his own. In November of 2015, he made the offer to buy Fred Astaire Madison East from his mentors, Peter and Linda.

In October 2019 Joseph decided it was best to end the chapter at Madison East and start a new one with Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Pleasant Prairie. As a Studio Manager, Joseph brings confidence and excitement to the students and to the studio. He informs the students of upcoming events and shows them how they can participate and make the most of their dancing experience!