Eugene Bubyr – Dance Instructor

“All my life has been about dancing, since the time I took my first ballroom lesson at the age of 5. I soon realized that dancing will be part of my life forever. Dancing makes me feel confident, strong, keeps me in shape and keeps my mind sharp. Through dancing I was able to travel the world, meet different people and dancers, create friendships, and even find my beautiful wife. I’m honored to work at Fred Astaire dance studios, and exited to share my experience with each and every student.”

– Started ballroom dancing at the age of 5.
– Bachelor degree in Education.
– Joined Manhasset staff for training in 2017.
– Winner and Finalist of numerous International and European Dance Championships in International Standard.
– Finalist of numerous National Formation Championships in the Ukraine.
– 2012 – 2016 traveled to many countries including South Korea, Egypt, Turkey and China as a choreographer, performer, coach and competitor.