Dancing Into 2020! January Events & Highlights

The season for celebration may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the parties have to stop! We are ‘dancing into’ the New Year and we have plenty of events to get you moving too! Don’t forget, these parties are open to the public and all are welcome ($20 for non-members).

Its time to burn off those extra calories we all obtained from indulging during the holiday season! Join us for our ‘Dance Your Cookies Off’ Dance-A-Thon on Friday, January 10th! Take a spin around the dance floor and stay for the prizes and giveaways. Did you know 15 minutes of a slow Foxtrot burns at least 50 calories.? Think about it; that means an hour of dancing can burn at least 200 calories!

After all the hard work you put it at the Dance-A-Thon, we want to reward you with our Hygge Night on Saturday, January 11th.  Hygge is the Danish art of happiness where you come together as family, friends, and strangers to foster a sense of community and pleasure. With the dark and frigid nights of January upon us, hygge is a blessing. Join us to indulge your senses with cozy blankets, hot drinks, fresh-from-the-oven sweets, candles, and of course dancing!

Next up, we’re transporting back in time to the 1920s! Join as we celebrate the glitz and glam of the era with our ‘Everything Old is New Again’ party on Friday, January 17th at 7:15 pm. Here’s the plan: 7:15pm – 2020 Speakeasy, 8:00pm – Social themed dance class, 8:30pm – Cabaret Dance Show and Dance Social. You will not want to miss this evening!

Speaking of a blast to the past, our next party will be all about the hits from the days of Motown! Join us for “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” on January 24th at 7:15pm as we play back the greatest of Motown hits! Here’s what’s on the docket: Social: 7:15pm BYOB Night Group: 8:00pm Motown moves Dance: 8:30pm Themed Motown hits.  We hope to see you there!

Last but not least, there happens to be a pretty big football game on the horizon and we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to party! Join us on January 31st for our MVP Superbowl Party! Don’t forget to bring your best chili for our First Annual Chili Cook Off! Here’s what we have scheduled: Social: 7:15 1st annual Chili cookoff potluck Group: 8:00 Swing Dance: 8:30 Themed dance party with live DJ Gabby.