Under the Midnight Stars

Promposal Contest

Looking to get up, get out, and get social? Why not go to Prom?

No, you don’t need a time machine: Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Powell is organizing an all ages, all fun, Under the Midnight Stars Prom Night! With a full Italian style dinner, a prom dance, a promposal contest showcase, AND a late night after party, there’s no better way to spend your night!

If you are interested in attending, click here to RSVP on Facebook and purchase your tickets by calling the studio at 740-368-9040

But of course, you’ll need a Prom date! That’s why we are holding a Promposal Contest for our students and Prom attendees. Participants who film or otherwise record their Promposal will be entered in a voting contest to win a prize at Prom! Check out all the amazing and creative Promposals our community has created and vote on your favorite below!

Interested in learning more about modern-day proms? Click here to read more!

Alex Herridge

Amanda Hays

Check out Amanda’s Promposal on Facebook!

Anna McMillan

Bill Miller & Tony DeGennaro

Brian Blackburn


Crissie DiNucci

Check out Crissie’s amazing Promposal video on Facebook!

Dale DeWiel

Check out Dale’s Promposal on Facebook!

Dana Simmons

Ellen Gustafson

Check out Ellen’s Promposal on Facebook!

John Houser

Check out John’s Promposal on Facebook!

Karen Pruett

Check out Karen’s Promposal on Facebook here!

Karen Shaner

Check out Karen’s Promposal on Facebook here!

Kazue Hamer

Check out Kazue’s Promposal on Facebook!

Kevin Pruett

Laura Masonbrink

Check out Laura’s Promposal on Facebook!

Melinda Craven

Check out Melinda’s Promposal on Facebook!

Melissa Stilp

Check out Melissa’s Promposal on Facebook!

Mike Luley

Naveen Rajagopal

Shalette Farmer

Tina and Quang Ngyuen