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Specialty entertainment for thrill-seekers in
this zero-gravity space flight aboarda specially
designedBoeing727which simulates theeffects
of a real space flight.
TheVolcanoEruptionat theMirageHotel
After dark, enjoy thehourly eruptionof theMirage
Hotel’sVolcano that spouts smokeand flames 100
feet above thewater.
TheFremont Street Experience
Takingupa largeportionof Fremont Street and
usingover 12.5million lights and550,000watts
of amazing sound, this free show isgreat funand
GondolaRideat theVenetianHotel
Takea romanticglide through theGrandCanal in
anauthenticVenetiangondola floatingbeneath
bridges, past cafés, underneathbalconies and
throughVenetian streetscapes.
BigShot at theStratosphere
This ridewill launch you160 feet straight up in the
air inamere2.5 seconds,with speeds up to45
mphwhile youbungeeupanddownand return
back to the launchpad.
Eiffel Tower Replica
Catchgreat views nearly 50 stories above the
ground. From theobservationdeck,which stands
at 460 feet, guests areable to see theentire valley.
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