A Beautiful Note from our Beautiful Student

Ghodsi MadaniIza and Tomasz, thank you for creating such a lovely, friendly, and safe environment for us to dance and be free. Your instructors have class. They know their job and they are very nice, trustworthy, young people.
Your office staff are competent and lovely.
Please accept my congratulations for creating Fred Astaire Redondo Beach.

Dears Instructors,
This is a heart felt letter to you all.
I had no teen age life. I wanted to be a doctor since age 13. That meant hard schooling. My mother was against it.
So it was a battle. I had to be a perfect girl. No play so I could get to medical school.
I did. I loved it.
Best time of my life
Then I moved to America. More hard work. Took care and sent my brother and sister to university here. All hard. Being a good doctor here is a very serious job.
I made it. I was chosen as a director of infant and children ICU in a very good hospital. While Americans were hostage in Iran, patients lives in my hand.
I never played.
Now I feel that suppressed teen age Ghodsi is coming out.
She is playing.
Her youth is showing up.
You guys are helping me make it happen.
Thank you for completing my life.
I love every minute of dancing with you.
Eduard and Tykhon.
Of course Inga and Yana
I really appreciate what you are doing for me.
Love you all.


Ghodsi Madani