Ballroom Dancing: how to choose proper shoes for it?

So you’ve committed to your ballroom dancing hobby, you’ve gone through your beginner program and moved on to social foundation. Everyone you see in the studio is wearing a special kind of shoe and yours don’t seem to let you move quite as well as everyone else’s. Why? Just like any other sport, ballroom dancing has shoes designed especially to help you move gracefully across the floor. Would you go bowling without proper bowling shoes? No, so why would you go dancing without proper dancing shoes?

Ballroom dance shoes are so special because they are made with a non-slip suede sole, a metal shank in the arch for support, and they are extremely light-weight and flexible. What on earth does that all mean?! The suede sole of our dance shoes provides the perfect amount of grip and slide to easily glide around the floor. Ballroom shoes are purposely made light-weight and flexible so that you can easily move but because of the metal shank in the arch, your feet are still very supported.

Men, your typical ballroom shoe starting out is going to be black lace-up Oxford-like shoe with a flat heel, simple and classic. Ladies, we have quite a few options between practice shoes and open or closed toe heels. A practice shoe will look like a more delicate version of a sneaker while open-toe shoes are meant for rhythm/latin and closed-toe shoes are meant for smooth/standard. The practice shoes will typically have about 1.5 inch of a thick heel whereas the other heels tend to be 2.5 inches but can vary.

Rhythm Shoes
Ballroom Dancing Shoes

There are a lot of options for both men and ladies so give us a call or come see us at the studio in Ridgefield for help choosing the right shoe for you!