How Can Attending Group Classes Benefit Me?

Oftentimes one may hear their dance instructor talk about the “three way system of teaching” that the studio offers. Yet, most students prefer to only take advantage of the one on one private lesson aspect and maybe occasionally attend a practice party. But what about the second part, those group classes that are so beneficial.

Group classes are beneficial for a myriad of reasons. The class is a chance to work on one’s own dancing, muscle memory is built faster, and it’s an opportunity to learn a fun, new dance.

Most times a student is dancing with their partner, whether significant other or instructor. In a group class, the step or technique is learned solo so the individual’s can really work on themselves. When someone is dancing on their own, balance, control and coordination are especially obvious. These three aspects of dance are crucial to better one’s dancing and a group class is the PERFECT place to work on them.

Every student has heard their instructor talk about muscle memory at least a few dozen times. This is what allows a person to dance comfortably in a social or competitive situation while having conversation or thinking about a million other techniques and moves. Spending so much time on one specific thing helps build that muscle memory faster and that’s exactly what group classes do.

To add to these great benefits, group classes give a person the opportunity to learn a fun, new dance that they may have never tried. Lots of students like to do a specialty dance each month that introduces some of the “minor” dances. They may not necessarily be as focused on in lessons but can still be just as fun to dance. These group classes give that opportunity to expand one’s dance horizon without taking away from a focus in private lessons.

With the plethora of benefits that a group class provides, what are you waiting for?! Give us a call in the studio to find out about the latest and greatest group classes Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio has to offer!