Dance Wear for Ladies

Dance Info, News & TrendsSo you take your lessons, you’ve bought your shoes, why should you spend more money on what looks like just another skirt or dress, or even yet, another pair of black pants? Because your instructor tells you too of course! Kidding, but there are actual benefits to wearing either a skirt from your closet with movement, or purchasing some version of practice wear to your lessons. You wouldn’t play any other sport without the proper equipment so why would you dance without the proper attire?!

Part of the appeal of either smooth or rhythm dancing is the movement that is involved. And what better way to help enhance the feeling of that movement than a skirt that moves with you?! If you’re dancing one of the rhythm dances, wearing a short latin skirt gives you movement to accentuate the hip action associated with rhythm. These skirts also allow your instructor to see the bending and straightening of your knees to highlight your hips.

For the smooth dances, you want a long flowing skirt to be able to feel the sweeping, fluid motions of those dances. These long skirts give your instructor the ability to see your ankles when working on your footwork to help making your dancing THAT much better! Whether you’re a competitor or just for fun dancer, dance wear is always more flexible to allow you to move to the extent of your ability, which again, helps complement your motions.

It becomes even more important to wear these type of skirts if you are a competitive student or preparing for some sort of performance. Whether it is for competition or performance you will be wearing some sort of costume or dress and you want to not only get used to the feeling of a skirt but you want to also be able to play with the skirt and know what you can and can’t do with it.

Bottom line is that something is better than nothing but if you have any questions, all of your instructors at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio are knowledgeable in helping you choose!