Why having a first dance for your wedding day is a good idea?

You and your husband/wife to be are (finally) engaged, congratulations! Now comes the fun part…planning the big day! Most people immediately think about the food, the band/DJ, venue, guest list, and neglect the first dance, sometimes until the week before the wedding. Let me stop you right there and say what a bad idea that is, DON’T WAIT! Twenty years down the road and you’re watching your wedding video with kids, friends, whoever it may be, don’t you want to be able to proudly say “YES I did that”?

If the answer was yes, and even if it wasn’t, you want to start your dance lessons for your wedding a minimum of two months beforehand. The major thing is that you want to feel comfortable and confident on that dance floor, you don’t want to sway awkwardly back and forth with your significant other. The more time your instructor has with you, the more comfortable and confident we can help make you feel. And the more time we have, we can create a dance with a pretty dip or two, have a few different moves and make it look really put together.

Make your wedding day even more memorable

No one is going to remember the food they ate at your wedding, they may not even remember the decorations, but they will remember your wedding dance, and it will be recorded to keep as a lasting memory. Now, this is not to say that your wedding dance has to be one of those crazy dances that we see on YouTube nowadays, though we can make that happen if you want. But you do want something that you can be proud of and that you feel comfortable and confident doing.

So call us at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we can help you make your memorable day everything you’ve dreamed of and more!