Get in Shape for Summer with Ballroom Dance

Memorial Day weekend is over and summer has started, which means days at the beach and pool parties. The question that then runs through most people’s head is: Will I fit into my swimsuit?

You know what we’re talking about, that extra layer of warmth for the winter, the enormous amounts of food at holiday gatherings, and a few too many chances to enjoy comfort food. Now it’s time to kick your rear into gear and get ready to break out the bathing suits. What better way to get back into shape than by dancing?!

Dance is a great cardio activity that can help whittle your waist and trim those pesky pounds away. Dancing can help to build your stamina, improve flexibility, AND tone your muscles. Whether it’s the elegant waltz or sassy salsa, dance is a great exercise without the pressure of a gym.

Those hot summer days are rapidly approaching and you want to feel like the best you for those trips to the shore. Give ballroom dancing a try, whether it’s a group or a private lesson, we can make sure to help you feel like the best version of YOU when the beach calls your name.

Beach & Dancing
Enjoy the summer days with dancing