Intro to Competition

Competition is for anyone and everyone! Besides the glitz and glam, competitions are actually very beneficial for people who want to progress in their dancing and take it to the next level. Is the idea of competing a little frightening? Yes, absolutely, but once you get past the nerves, competitions are so much fun and an absolutely amazing feeling!

Besides being a blast, going to a competition is actually very beneficial. The biggest benefit is having a goal to work towards. Sometimes if we don’t have a goal, we tend to become a little lax in our routines, it’s simply human nature. Working towards a goal gives us two times the value in our lessons because of the focus that is used in preparing for that competition, team match or performance.

Competition also helps you as an individual become a better and more confident social dancer and leader/follower. In a lesson in the studio, there are usually maybe ten other people on the floor, sometimes not even. In a competition, there are a whole lot more people on the floor, so maneuvering around happens a lot more frequently. By having this experience, you as an individual become a better leader or follower by being prepared for anything to happen and having the control.

Some people feel self-conscious about attending a group class or practice party, worried that other people will be around and watching. Best way to solve that? Compete! Sounds really strange yes, but quite honestly, besides the judges who look at you briefly, no one is watching you dance, they’re all looking at their cell phones. As contradictory as this idea sounds, competing does truly help with stage fright.

Of course the first, or even the second or third, time of competing is going to feel a little scary and intimidating, that’s completely normal. But besides all the great benefits, competition is just a lot of fun! Still not sure? Check our Events page, then talk to any of the instructors of Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio and we can help with any questions, comments and concerns you may have!