How often should I come for lessons?

You’ve signed on the dotted line and you’re officially enrolled in ballroom dance lessons. Now what?! The question that almost everyone asks is “how often should I come in for lessons?” People joke about every day which, in an ideal world, would be wonderful; but that’s not exactly realistic.

Tips for Beginners

The realistic answer is that in the beginning, as often as possible! Since every day is not practical, your dance instructor would love it if you could be in the studio for two lessons a week. If you’re able to come in for a group class or practice party on top of that, you may just become your instructors’ favorite new teachers pet ?.

On the same hand, we also realize that your world does not revolve around us or the dance studio and that you do have a life outside of your dancing (shocking, we know). Whether it’s demanding jobs, or crazy family schedules, sometimes even two lessons a week isn’t possible. If that’s the case, one lesson a week and a group class or practice party will keep your instructor happy.

So, congratulations on your new hobby of ballroom dancing and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio!