Preparing for Competition

Competition is fast approaching and you have officially gone into panic mode….breathe! In these last few weeks or days as you prepare, it’s important to not only prepare by packing, but also prepare yourself mentally and physically.

With these last moments, our natural instinct is to try and change everything to make sure that it is all perfect. This is the time to maintain your usual habits, don’t try to drastically change your diet to lose those last few pounds you’ve been trying to lose. Focus on eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water. With your routines, trust everything you have learned and practiced in these weeks and months leading up to the competition.

One of the most important things to remember the day of, or days of the competition, is to have fun and be present, enjoy every moment. Will there be some nerves? Yes and that’s completely natural and absolutely okay. But remember, we’re just dancing, we’re not curing cancer. Pretend you know what you’re doing and enjoy the moment, you want to have the best memory of the day when you look back at your competition.

Do you want to do well? Of course you do, we’re all only human and that’s our natural instinct. But make sure that you just let go, have some confidence in yourself, and most importantly, have FUN! Dance with your heart and nothing else matters.