The process from beginner to advanced dancer

Now that you’ve taken a few lessons, your instructor is starting to talk with you about goals and of course, you want to be as good as the stars that you watched on Dancing with the Stars. Is it possible to get to the level of “good” that you want? Yes of course it is, but it takes time and practice and doesn’t just happen with the snap of your fingers.

The first 5-10 lessons is all about getting the basic steps into your muscle memory. The next grouping of lessons typically works on adding a few additional steps but working on leading/following, dancing to the music and comfortably blending steps together. This next level, your bronze level, is when you will start to develop into the dancer you want to become. How can you continue to progress and actually feel that progress? Practice and come to as many classes, practice parties, and events available to you! Would you ever bowl without the proper pair of bowling shoes? No, so get yourself a pair of dance shoes if you haven’t already! Will all of these things make you a “great” dancer? Not right away, but if you put in the time and effort it is possible. Are you wanting to go beyond the bronze level to silver, gold, or even open? That is certainly possible, but it takes going through these stepping stones first.

Why is “good” or “great” surrounded by quotations each time they’re used in this blog? Being “good” or “great” is subjective to each person. Some people feel that is achieved when they feel comfortable in a social dance situation or they place better than they did at the previous competition. For some it’s achieving a specific goal they’ve been working towards or being recognized with a specific placement or title. There is no one right way to be a “good” dancer.

The process from a brand new beginner to whatever advanced or “good” dancer may mean to you takes time, and that’s ok. Your instructor at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio wants to help you achieve your goals so chat with them about what you want to achieve and maybe they will have some ideas for you that you hadn’t even thought of yet. It will happen, just know that it takes time and trust the process your instructor has prepared for you.