Chris Whitten | Owner & Dance Director

Hello! I am Chris, and I co-own this studio with my professional partner and fiancé, Kristyn. We started our professional careers here together in 2015, and became owners in the holiday of 2019. Prior to this, we started ballroom dancing separately as amateurs, and together became Open American Smooth Amateur Finalists in 2014.

Our current aggregated professional titles include:

Rising Star Smooth Finalists

Open Professional Smooth Finalists

Fred Astaire Closed Smooth Finalists

New England Freddy Ball Closed Smooth Champions

Various Top Teacher awards

Various Top Studio awards

Everyone approaches dance for various reasons, and seeks enjoyment in their own ways, but the unifying element for all of our dancers is the fun they get to have. Here at the studio in Ridgefield, CT, I feel strongly that this activity should be approachable for all ages and aptitudes, from the wedding dancer looking to feel comfortable with their spouse-to-be, to the competitive dancer pushing their skills to the limit.

I am thrilled you are looking at our beautiful studio to start your dance journey, and look forward to dancing with you soon!