We Love to Compete!

Do your dancing feet just love to compete? You will definitely want to be at La Vista at the Westin Oak Galleria on Thursday, April 14 for Regional Team Match.

This is a friendly competition between the Houston studios’ students and is always a good time as we match skills and enjoy meeting others!

Kicking into higher competitive gear? CCDC (a Fred Astaire Dance Studios National Event) takes place beginning on Wednesday, April 24, and running through Saturday, April 27th. Yes, another exciting Cross Country Dance Championships is upon us, and we are thrilled to be returning to Houston, Texas. Speak to your instructor for more information.

Back here at home, we’ve got Dance Mania on Tuesday, April 16, at our studio. We’ll have four rounds of smooth and rhythm, so you will enjoy plenty of opportunities to refine your work in these great styles. Join us for an awesome coaching session! Speak to your instructor for more information.

Looking a little further down the road, we are asking you to Save The Date … That’s Saturday, May 4, for the Regional Spring Team Match. It is set for 7-10 p.m. Come and enjoy ballroom dance performances by our students and professionals. Again, check with your instructor for more information.