Online Dance Lessons

Virtual Lessons – Purchase Online!

Virtual dance lessons and group classes are now available to keep you moving and active during the month of April. As we are now coming to terms with the scale of social distancing, it is important to stay connected to some normalcy and we want to help by delivering our quality instruction at home online.

* 30-Minute Private Lessons: $60 *

Keep your skills growing and keep your mind active with personalized online lesson plans from your instructor. Everyone interested will receive a FREE 15-minute introduction to online lessons provided by their instructor. 

* Group Classes are FREE but donations are very much appreciated * 

Group Classes are FREE to join but donations are very much appreciated to help the studio and teachers out during this unfortunate time. Looking forward to seeing you all face to face again but until then, stay healthy and safe.

* Studio donations for COVID-19 relief *

The current situation has put a financial strain on most of our staff, and as we strive to keep everyone in a comfortable position, we appreciate any donation that you can make. We thank you <3